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Rotating Art Display City Hall featuring Linda Cohen

The Platte City Friends of the Arts Visual Arts Committee and the City of Platte City are sharing the work of local artist Linda Cohen at City Hall during the month of June.

The City of Platte City installed an art display system in the lobby of City Hall in order to entertain visitors and showcase area artists while open. 

“We are fortunate and grateful our Mayor and City Hall appreciate and support the local arts in this manner.” said Susan Anderson, Platte City Friends of the Arts Chairperson.

Linda Cohen, a freelance artist, provides a wide range of artistic services at her shop, Cohen’s Art and Framing on Main Street. She works with many different types of mediums, including watercolors, pencil, pen, ink, oils, pastels, airbrushing, and graphic design. She offers art classes and framing services and recently produced the Platte City Art Walk.

Platte City Friends of the Arts Visual Arts Committee Chairperson Debra Brechbiel is a big fan of Linda’s work. “Linda’s art and art services are a special thing for Platte City. She is so well rounded as an artist that you are certain to find something in common with her and her amazing skills,” stated Brechbiel.